Recent endeavours

Line Etching and Drypoint with tutor Jodi Le Bigre at the Edinburgh Printmakers. Working on a copper etching plate to create different depths and tones of line. Then reworking the same plate using drypoint to make a final print.

Monotype Masterclass with Nick Devison at the Edinburgh Printmakers. Making monoprints  with an etching press including the use of multi-layered opaque and transparent rollups, stencils for positive and negative impressions and direct positive and negative mark making.

Edinburgh Interntional Children’s Festival – Imaginate. 25 May to 2 June 2019. I volunteered with this festival as it promotes, develops and celebrates theatre and dance for children and young people.

Things on Strings workshop in February 2019. Learning about the symbiotic relationship between form, material and the mechanical. This was an introduction to the world of string puppets – how to work with gravity, exploring different possibilities in order to feel and understand the basic concepts and techniques of marionettes.

#mugshot series interview July 2017

Courses at the Edinburgh Sculpture workshop, November 2016:  Copy, Alter, Replay and Mud Club with tutor, Jack Cheetham. An introduction to mould making and casting techniques and eperimenting with modelling and forming using various types of clay.

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