Creative inspirations

Cari Grevers is a Scottish painter, illustrator and textile designer. A wanderer within the natural environment, she is at her happiest outside in the elements.

Cari Grevers’ art is influenced by emotion and atmosphere with a strong interest in pattern, colour and detail, as well as the unusual and the abstract.

She paints what comes to her in any given moment, from how she feels, to what she sees.

Her work ranges from intimate pastel drawings to mixed media landscapes or minute botanical textures. She is constantly evolving and adapting her style and methods to best convey the stories behind the images she paints.

Cari works from her small studio at Summerhall in Edinburgh. To get in touch, please use the contact page on this website. Comments or queries are welcome. Original work and prints are available to purchase.

Work in progress is often posted on her Instagram page. Just click on the following link: